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From the beginning of December 2017 began the presale of the watch Xicorr Garfish.


With the creation of this watch model I am quite strongly connected. After diving with the Circle and the Garda model created on its basis in 2012, I encouraged Adam Tomaszewski (Xicorr Watches) to create a watch with strictly diving specifications.


I contributed a lot to the final result - with advice and suggestions from my experience. The year 2013 was the time of design and at the end of the year I could see the finished project. In mid-2014, I received a prototype watch for testing and immediately found that it looks exactly like what I think of such a watch.

In it, nothing pretends to be anything else.  Metal is metal, glass is glass, and when you take it in your hand you feel the mass and endurance.


So it's great for me.

This is the first contact impression. Then came the time for tests, that is, everyday use, and most importantly - diving.


I have been using the watch prototype for over 3 years and I think that few watches would pass such tests. And the real test dives - probably none.


In everyday use the watch, as for me, worked very well, although it is not light or small. . But according to the design, it was supposed to be big and super durable. And so it is!


The prototype accompanies me practically constantly, and what is worth mentioning, I am quite an active person - in addition to diving, I also do other sports. During use, it showed that it was really tough stuff.

And now to what is most important, that is diving. During the tests so far. I have done about 450 dives with it. Of which:


  • over 40 within 100-110m
  • a dozen or so 120-130m
  • 8 dives 150-155m
  • two 180m
  • one 200m


I did dives in cold European waters as well as in the Red Sea and the Mediterranean Sea.

Apart from damaging the crown, I've never had any problems. This damage occurred during my going out after diving during a very strong wave, when I was thrown on the rocks. The crown in the production model is to receive an additional cover.


Xicorr Garfish turned out to be a very nice dive companion for me. This is extremely important to me, because I do most of my dives alone.

Some ask me the question: why watch for a diver who has several computers and often other indicators of time and depth, especially since it is a mechanical watch showing only time.


My answer is because it is only time. In the flood of electronics I appreciate the classic ticking of the mechanism and the smooth movement of the second hand. Those who stayed with mechanical watches also say something about the soul of such watches.

Garfish is an important companion for me during a long deco (decompression), where I see how time passes. I can see it also on other devices, but these are digits, and I like the hands. Equally important is that it is cool to base your eyes on some colors, and this is, especially in European waters - scarce.


We probably do not wear a computer or diving pointer every day, because it can be a bit uncomfortable, and Garfish can be with us every day; constantly accompany us. It is also an inspiration for memories and in my case also for ideas for new bloomps.

I wrote down a little, but Garfish is the watch I always wanted to have.


Adam did a really good job of designing and making it. I encourage you to get interested in this model. Surely no one who has it will be disappointed. Apart from functional values, it is difficult to pass it by indifferently.



Darek Wilamowski


Xicorr Watches